Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most selfless and vital things you can do to protect your loved ones and ensure your hard-earned assets are distributed according to your own desires.

Without a proper estate plan, your loved ones might have to go through a lengthy and costly probate process before your assets can be divided. This can cause tension amongst family members and significantly deplete your assets.

With a proper estate plan, you can distribute your assets to your beneficiaries according to your wishes in a timely and practical manner. Further, you can make decisions for yourself and appoint another to make decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated.

Our estate planning process often includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • General Powers of Attorney
  • Medical Powers of Attorney
  • Beneficiary Deeds
  • Health Care Directives

An estate plan provides the peace of mind you need for the future of your loved ones.